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Introducing "You Have Made America"

One thing we all have in common (and I mean *all* of us) is our desire to feel wanted, to feel needed, to feel like we are part of a community. Even the most introverted person likes to know that they're one of millions of introverts hiding out there in their rooms.

But it feels like ever since last year's presidential campaign, and the election, the US is becoming more polarized. And there are some in the recently sworn-in administration who are loudly and explicitly defining whole groups of people who they claim aren't wanted here, don't belong here, aren't a part of our country.

As the founder of this small company I'm willing to say I don't agree with that - America is what it is because of the diversity of our people. As a sound designer, there doesn't seem to be much I can do - directly, professionally - to make a difference or to counter the narrative being spun by those now in power.

But I decided that the one thing I can do is enlist my skills, and the skills of my friends and colleagues, to make a simple radio spot that defies the messages of hate and exclusion with a message of inclusion - of comfort and of hope.

So here we are, day two of the official launch of this project, entitled You Have Made America.

I started with a simple idea for a script that would speak as broadly as possible, but also as clearly as possible, to those who may feel like they're hearing only hate and negativity. The plan is to make the spot, then raise money through crowdfunding to get it played on broadcast radio, internet radio stations, satellite radio, wherever we can, as widely as we can.

I'll be writing a lot more over the next week or two about the spot, our partners in this project, the inspiration, the crowdfunding, and more.

For now, PLEASE take a moment to visit - we are asking people (as many people as possible) to record themselves reading the script, so that instead of a voiceover artist reading a script, we have a chorus of people talking to each other.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for much more to come on this project.

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