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Love the way we sound
We've done it all, from Sonic Branding to sweetening to sound design to original music to putting it all together.

National Blues Museum Interactive Exhibits

We've been lucky to work on several museum projects with Gallagher and Associates, especially this local museum here in STL. This video (not mixed by us!) shows some of the months of music and sound design work we did.

UnHeardOf Cherokee Street

An interactive audio experience; short audio interview segments paired with geographical points on Cherokee.

Almanac - LUME mission video

VO direction, music edit, sound design, and mix.

Audio Profiles for DeSmet Jesuit High School

With our pals at Almanac, we recorded and edit 20+ interviews to highlight 50 years of DeSmet.

Switzerfilm - Purina "Bella" spots

VO direction, music edit, sound design, and mix.

Original Music!

Yes, we write original music - jingles and themes for podcasts and radio are our speciality. Click here for lots of samples!

Vidzu Media - Dent Wizard videos

Original music, sound design, and mix.

Flowers - Go On with Jess Leitch

"Flowers" episode from Go On

We did all the location and studio recording, editing, and sound design for this series with Jess Leitch.

The Makings of You

The beauty of simple and effective sound design for cinema is hard to share on a web site, but hopefully this scene - built entirely in post except for the dialog - does the trick. Pop on the headphones for this one!

Once Films - American Graduate Spot

Sweetening, music edit, sound design, and mix.

"Effingman" from Welcome Thru Effingham

We produce this sketch comedy show for STL Vernacular, handling all recording, editing, and sound design.

Grandmother's Murder Club

A quick scene from this soon-to-release feature, with sound design, Foley, music edit, and mix.

Spry Digital - Pacient Value Prop video

VO casting and record, music edit, sound design, and mix

Orange Crush Theme Park spot

Original music and sound design for this on-site loop


VO record, Sound Design, and final mix

When It's Critical 

Sound Design and final mix

TopOPPS web spot

VO, original music, sound design, and mix

Jingle-uary 2015!

We wrote a brand new song every weekday this past January, from classicly styled jingles to basement drumlines.

Check them all out here or on our SoundCloud page.

Kona Ice iPhone app

Sound Design, vocal treatment, maracas

Evangeline's Profile video

Original music, sound design, sweetening

Leap Year

Sound Design, music edit, and mix

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