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Our Story


Hugmonster Sound started with the realization that too many content producers in St Louis were putting out videos, spots, and web content that sounded, well, not so great. We know how it is :: when time or budgets get crunched, audio is the first thing to hit the chopping block.


Then we realized that we work fast, we work efficiently, and we love what we do. We can do so much in so little time, we ended up doing lots of little jobs for friends and colleagues. So why not take all those little jobs, lump them together, broaden our reach, and raise the overall quality of our town’s creative output?


Our crack team will take your project, give it the sonic love it deserves, and deliver it back sounding better than you ever thought possible.


Hugmonster Sound operates as a collective of freelancers, headed by Adam Frick-Verdine in a converted barn in Colchester CT. We have editors and studio partners in St Louis MO, and clients and friends all over the country.


The members of Hugmonster Sound are freelance sound designers, composers, and audio engineers working all over. We write original music, we play in bands, we make sick beats;  we record bands, we record footsteps, we record barking dogs and clattering trains;  we design sound for kids TV, feature film, and apps;  we run the sound for the St Louis Cardinals, we keep corporate meetings running, we've run marathons;  we sell gear, we troubleshoot, we build our own computers.



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