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Introducing Sonic Branding from Hugmonster Sound

We are proud to announce that we are the first company in St Louis to offer Sonic Branding services! Sonic Branding may sound like something made up - overly complicated, a little too bespoke, or just a new way to raise the total on the invoice.

So let’s talk about what is really on offer here.


In it's simplest form, Sonic Branding is making sure your brand has a consistent and unique sonic signature across all platforms, media, and consumer touchpoints.

It's like giving your whole entire brand experience a Big Sonic Hug!

Any decent audio engineer (and there are a lot in St Louis) can mix your spot, and some can even come up with a catchy audio logo for you.

But with Sonic Branding from Hugmonster Sound, we look at every opportunity to reinforce your soundtrack; and we're always pushing the boundaries on ways that can be done.


What do people hear when they call to ask a question, come to your store, or visit your office or web site?

Custom phone tree content, environmental soundscapes, subtle web sound design, and other subtle touches can influence the way that consumers perceive your physical and virtual presence.

Plus, Sonic Branding can help consumers identify with your brand through micro-sites (like, above), ringtones, scavenger hunts, and other unique ways to experience brand identity in their daily life.


Site-specific installations, web sites, audio logos, apps, games, audio environments, ringtones, podcasts, audio profiles, testimonials, and more are engaging, affordable, and fun. Plus, since so few brands are using these avenues to connect with customers, those that do truly stand out of the crowd.


We’ve been quietly doing this sort of work over the last year, for Treehouse Networkshop, The Magic House, Circus Flora, Forest Park Forever, for the mayor’s birthday party at the Caramel Room, even a project coming soon for a certain internet-famous cat you may have heard of.

These folks understand the value of sound, and they called on Hugmonster Sound to help them extend their brand’s reach and more fully engage their customers.

Are you ready to join them?

Give us a call today to set up a Sonic Branding Consultation - every brand is unique, and they all deserve to get a Big Sonic Hug.

Email, or call 314-896-1484!

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