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Lil BUB's Ringtones!

ICYMI, we just launched a brand new app for iOS and Android, Lil BUB's Ringtones! Yes, that's right, we got to spend the summer working with Lil BUB, listening to her outrageous sounds, and building an app to deliver them!

If you're not familiar with Lil BUB, she's a special needs cat who lives in Indiana, and her unique medical conditions cause her to make some really interesting sounds. We met her when she came to town last year, and so contacted her Dude this spring to pitch the idea of selling her sounds as ringtones.

We then spent most of the summer working with some great folks at Lelander to design, develop, and release a cross-platform app that would preview and sell the sounds. They took it on as a side project, with us leading the design side, and we'll be eternally grateful for their help getting it together!

The process was not without its challenges, as sorting through two different mobile OS's processes for playing, installing, permissioning, and setting sounds was quite a task. Not to mention multiple versions of each OS, multiple devices, and more.

But in the end we came up with a really simple and effective app that delivers some really amazing and engaging content.


Now we have plans to use everything we learned to sell ringtones and other audio content for a few other brands and non-profits, and are already trying to figure out what other ways we can apply the lessons we learned in the process.

So the real question is, What can we build for you?!

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