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Soundscapes for Circus Flora

Circus Flora is one of St Louis's great treasures; a cultural germ we're lucky to have.

When we first approached them about working together, their response was the not uncommon "we have a sound guy already." And they do have someone who fills the traditional sound designer role in live theater. But after a few conversations they realized we were offering something different, and we ended up doing some pretty cool work together.

If you're familiar with their shows, you know that they have a story arc that ties the acts together, and this year it was a baseball team down on their luck. So to help further instill the theme, and to get the audience in the mood, we created a pre-show soundscape to be played in the tent as the audience filed in.

So, we built a full mid-century baseball environment, complete with cicadas, a game being played, crowds, organ music, and even recorded some Circus Flora cast members as fans, vendors, and an announcer to fill in the environment. It was a ton of fun, and was a really effective way to start telling the story before the show even started!

Here's a short clip from the 45 minutes + we created - play it and see if it doesn't make you want a cold beer, some peanuts, and a day in the sun!

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