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Forest Park Forever

We've had a great collaborative relationship with Forest Park Forever over the last year, starting with a simple audio profile we did for one of their member events last Fall. This spring we embarked on a much larger project, with the goal of capturing the sounds of the park itself and bringing that sound scape to people everywhere.

Now you can hear them all at!


We spent a full day in the park in May 2016, collecting around 5 hours of raw material in 5 different locations. We used a variety of studio and film production mics, recording multiple angles, placements, and perspectives in each sonic destination. It was an unseasonably hot weekday in May, so we captured a pretty quiet environment with only sparse interruptions from people, cars, construction, and sirens. And got LOTS of birds!

A long but pleasant editing process turned those recordings into 5 loops of the distinct park locales.

From the Grand Basin's soothing splash to the distinct birds throughout the park, it's a fascinating sonic peek into this huge swath of nature in the middle of our city.


We love imagining people all over the city and the world spending their workday with us in Forest Park, and we hope you're one of them! Visit today!

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