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Ringtones for Forest Park Forever

Hopefully you've already read all about our work with Forest Park Forever - we've had lots of fun with them over the last year or so working on some cool new projects. They were the FIRST in town to launch a listening site - a microsite just for bringing the sounds of Forest Park in to your workday or home.

​Now we're pleased to announce another first for these creative and adventurous clients - RINGTONES from Hugmonster Sound! Yes, we're partying like it's 2002 with ringtones!

You may not think of the ringtone as a cutting edge technology, but we feel there are two reasons for that:

1) Consumers are tired of recycled (pop songs) or low quality (cartoon "ahooga!" horns) sounds


2) device manufacturers have made the process of installing tones more difficult as phones get more complex.

That being said, the ringtone market in 2014 (the last year with complete numbers) was still over $200 million - that's over 150 million single purchases of a product that never costs more than $1.29.

People's ringtone used to be a conversation topic, something fun to experiment with and a way to make your phone unique. But as Google and Apple have made the installation process more difficult, phones are taking on a homogenous sound. Your iPhone's marimba ringtone is about as personalized as last season's polo shirt from Target.

Brands have the ability to let their donors, visitors, customers, and fans distinguish their own devices with UNIQUE sounds, and to raise brand awareness every time their customer's phone rings and they explain to their friends where the ringtone came from!

​The folks at Forest Park Forever are smart, and they get it. After putting together hours of sounds for the site, we scavenged for a few key sounds that were unique to different areas of the Park. Now you can buy all four of them on iTunes (be sure to click those links from an iPhone or it won't work), feel good that you helped Forest Park just a little bit, and make your phone stand out from the crowd.

We've got two more local non-profits underway with their own set of tones, and a major internet brand set to release a HUGE cross-platform ringtone project this month with us.

Don't let you or the brands you represent fall behind - this is a brand new way to use sound to distinguish your brand and let consumers feel like they're on the inside track.

Contact us today to get underway!

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