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Audio Meet-and-Greets for St Louis Design Week

We've been busy over the last week getting an advance tour of many of the fine St Louis design comapnies that are part of the Studio Tours during Design Week. From Maplewood to Downtown to Midtown to U City, we've been talking to the principles, founders, and lead designers at some of St Louis' best agencies and studios, and it's been a treat!

One of the coolest things to hear has been how much all the studios are fans of each other. We'll hear a designer say "we're huge fans of the work they're doing over at ____" and then one hour later there we are at _____ and they're huge fans of the next place we're going! It's like is St Louis has One Big Design Team that just happens to be spread out among dozens of shops churning out great work day in and day out - all those people are working together to make St Louis look and feel amazing.

Meanwhile we're doing our part to make St Louis SOUND great, and we hope you enjoy our work.

We're turning our interviews into 2-5 minute audio Meet-and-Greets so you can get to know several of the agencies, industrial designers, systems designers, information designers, and more that make up this great city. You know these firms, and you might know the people there, but we bet you'll learn something new about what makes them tick and why their work is so unique in these little audio pieces.

We'll be releasing the first batch (in no particular order!) on our SoundCloud this afternoon, September 16, and will keep rolling them out into the first days of Design Week! You can also find them at our sister site, the podcast network!

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