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Jingle-uary Day 6

Here's today's track, which we're happy to share but won't force-feed into your iTunes, like *some* bands would.

I've always loved a song that plays with tension, both the "slow burn to an exploding frenzy" and the "you think it's never going to end" version. We're trying to give you a little release here, with that slow start and a (hopefully) satisfying final set of changes where things really open up and shine.

There's two influences at play here worth discussing.

The first is referenced in that first sentence, a band that's been around forever and still keeps going. I have to admit to being a bigger fan earlier on, that force-fed album sounds pretty generic to me. If you still haven't found the reference you're looking for, well, good luck to you.

The second influence is, sadly, the library music we hear cut in to a lot of spots and videos. From the 80s straight through the Coldplay era to Let It Go, our culture seems to love having chords pounded out at them. I need both hands and feet to count the videos I've seen with cheap ripoff tracks underneath that try to hit that groove. Here we're playing that game, just to show you that we can hit the same buttons as those other guys, but actually focus on *your* project and *your* story and make something that fits it like a glove.

Happy Listening!

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