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Jingle-uary Jazz-uary!

Day Three of Jingle-uary brings this short little jazz number to you.

Maybe it's all that Christmas music (why is everyone suddenly a jazz fan in December?), or the inspiration of the full moon, but this little melody popped into my head last night, so I jotted it down then, and bring it to you today!

What good is such a short jazz clip? Well, think back to some of the classic jingles you remember from game shows and TV ads, and you'll realize that many of them have a solid foundation in the jazz language; the chords, arrangement, harmonies, are all anchored in well-honed jazz sensibilities.

So think of this not as a throw-away tune, but maybe as YOUR next jingle. Those last notes of the melody could fit nearly anything *:

"... cause everybody likes to drink Bud Light Beer!"

"... because you like nice things, shop Carol House!"

"... follow you heart to Build-A-Bear!"

Is this tune the beginning of YOUR brand's next jingle? Give us a call today, and let's find out!

Thanks for listening, here's to a great sounding 2015. As always please favorite and retweet to share the Sonic Love.

* please note none of these fine brands endorse Hugmonster Sound**

** YET!

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