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Happy Jingle-uary!

This month the team at Hugmonster Sound will be writing a new music track every weekday to share with our friends and followers. A little something to loosen those year-end cobwebs, get the new year rolling, and have a little fun.

We're calling it Jingle-uary!

You may think we're crazy, but there are two great reasons we're embarking on this little project.

First, we've always loved seeing our visual artists friends participate in sketch-a-day projects like Inktober, and frankly we got a little jealous! Those visual types get a great opportunity to dash something off quickly - maybe a new idea that will go nowhere, or maybe the latest iteration of their Next Big Idea, or maybe even a copy of a piece they've always loved. In any case you learn something about your craft from such a focused task.

So, we are excited about giving our songwriting muscles a good workout all month long. We are always writing music for ourselves, for clients, for the hell of it. But there's something about sitting down and forcing a song out that's fun and challenging in a whole different way.

Second, in the few months since we launched Hugmonster Sound, we've already had great responses to several original music tracks we've written for clients. Sonic Hugs are all about making your project sound great, and a fresh custom music track can really make your story shine.

If, after a month of brand new music every day, you don't agree that original music is an important part of your story, you don't just need a Sonic Hug, you need some serious sonic therapy!

All songs will be original. Some (like the first) will be tracks that we've written or are working on for clients. But most will be written each day, just for this project, and if you like it, just drop us a line and we can get you a high res version for use in your project!

Now on to business, here's the track for day one! (That's a SoundCloud link, let 'er rip and come back to this page to read as you listen!)

Our first track is an original piece for our friends at Scaryman Studios. They had a perfectly plain free music track cut in as temp for a short web promotional video, but thought it was a little too plain. We took the feel of the temp as inspiration and created this totally original track instead.

One benefit of original music that came in to play here is that we were able to adjust the timing of our music to fit the transitions and edits of the spot exactly. After we had written this music, the client rewrote the script, so we recorded new VO, Scaryman reedited the spot, and within 5 minutes we had reshaped the music to fit the new timing. We wrote a tag for the end, put the melody in just the right place, and added some bars here and there so the music flows with the edit and the story.

Thanks for reading! We'd be thrilled if you give us a follow or a retweet so we can spread the Sonic Love all month long. We'll begin compiling all the new tracks on a single page next week; so until then, here's wishing you a happy Jingle=uary and great sounding new year!

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