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Cayenne pepper

This article in Fast Company more or less sums up what we're all about at Hugmonster Sound :: opening people up to understand the impact sound can have on their brand experience.

I won't rehash the whole article here, just READ IT!

But what I find most interesting is the reference to cayenne pepper: "Think about sound as the cayenne pepper of experience: a tiny bit of it makes it amazing, but a little too much and it ruins the whole experience."

We spend 90% of our time making sounds that you shouldn't notice, but that you'd miss if they were gone. And it's that last 10% of perfect seasoning that makes people say "wow that sounded great!"

Beckerman also talks about the need for silence: we need a blank sonic canvas and THEN we can add in just the right sound and music to enhance communication. It reminds me of Miles Davis' famous quote, "Don't play what's there, play what's not there."

Really it all boils down to actually paying attention to what you're doing. Filling a spot with canned music isn't thoughtful, it's lazy. But having a realistic soundscape to match your visuals that's punctuated with tasteful and appropriate sonic signatures really elevates peoples' experience with your brand and leaves them with a strong positive feeling.

Hugmonster Sound is here to help you make your brand sound great.

St Louis, get ready to Love The Way You Sound.

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