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Jingle-uary Day 2

Well the calendar says January 2nd, so even though the kids are still home from school it's time for another installment of Jingle-uary.

This is a work-in-progress for Treehouse Networkshop that we worked up today. We were given a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club song, The Black Keys, and a Bud Light ad as references, and this is the 3rd of 5 tracks we pitched. So far they love it and we'll be working up some iterations and versions next week.

Treehouse Networkshop, if you're not familiar with them, has a positive, collaborative, people-oriented focus, so we wanted to add some brightness to the otherwise swagger- and attitude-heavy style referenced. A stack of guitars, vintage Hammond organ, and a kid's portable Casio keyboard seemed to do the trick!

You'll be hearing many of versions of this track along with lots of Sonic Love in collaboration with Treehouse througout the month and year.

Thanks for listening, look for another installment of Jingle-uary on Monday!

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