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Sonic Branding


Hugmonster Sound

Sonic Branding gives your brand a cohesive sonic signature across every consumer experience,
plus it offers new ways to engage those consumers and to help brands stand out from the crowd.
What do people hear when they call, come to your store, explore your web site, or visit your office? 

How do consumers connect with your brand after making a purchase?
Is your brand's soundtrack consistent and cohesive across all platforms and channels?
Sonic Branding
keeps consumers
engaged in your story
and keeps your brand's sonic identity

Best of all, audio logos, site-specific installations, sound for web sites,

audio apps, games, audio environments, ringtones, podcasts, audio profiles, testimonials, and more are engaging, affordable, and fun.

Learn more about our past and current projects on our blog,

then give us a call.

Give your entire brand experience a Sonic Hug

with Hugmonster Sound

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