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Artistic Works for RAC Grant Application

Thank you for your consideration! The project that I am requesting funds for, UnHeardOf Cherokee, has a demo version available here. The pins are fake, and there is no audio content yet (depending on when you view it) but it gives an idea of how the the project will come together.

Additional reading is available on these blog posts about my recent work pushing the boundaries of sound as an artistic medium here in St Louis. 

Three pieces of original music. One is a theme song for an animated kids video series, the second is an original music bed for a documentary, the last is a jingle I wrote for myself! 

I wrote a new song every weekday this past January, as an experiment is forced creativity, and you can hear all 22 of those songs here.

These are two sketches from a new sketch comedy show, STL SketchPOD. I'm collaborating with Jason Flamm on these - he writes the sketches and I produce, edit, and add sound design to help the pieces work.


Insurance Wars Sketchfrom STL SketchPOD
Effing-man Sketchfrom STL SketchPOD

These are several profiles or pieces I've produced over the last two years that are models for how content will be produced for UnHeardOf Cherokee. 


This is the walk-through video of a recent audio installation at Strange Folk Festival last fall. Please pardon the grainy video, but hopefully the experience of the trees coming alive with sound comes through.

More information on the project is available here.

This is a radio spot I wrote, composed the music for, and produced. We received over 3000 views on Facebook and are planning to air the spot on local radio this month.

Background here.

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