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Links, examples, references, and ideas!
Click through the slides on the deck to learn the basics.

References for Daytona branding and identity

Ringtones or sound apps could be a great way to connect with fans, from historic announcer calls to original car sounds.
Here are two screen grabs from our ringtone app for Lil BUB (coming soon!).
The Daytona site practically begs for some great sonic elements. Imagine soundscapes on individual pages or car sounds and engine noises when pulling down menus, loading pages, etc.
Here's a baseball soundscape we created for Circus Flora's preshow.

References for health care

Health care, consumer product, and educational clients thrive on telling stories, and audio makes a perfect vehicle for delivering those stories in a low-impact, cost-effective, and easy-to-consume way.
Here are two very different examples of storytelling with sound as a jumping off point.
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