Need a simple channel to communicate with your newly remote work force?

Need a new way to get your message out to your audience or clients?

Audio can be a fast and affordable way to engage and inform.

We have decades of experience developing unique ways to use sound,

and in these strange new times we're here to help!

We can bring the recording studio to you, or help you creatively distribute content you record yourself. Many services are free, or we're simply charging the raw costs of our staff's time. 

Email or call to chat with us about how sound could be a simple solution to your new communication challenges. 

Small or large, every story deserves to sound great.

Give your project a sonic hug with Hugmonster Sound, and

Love the Way You Sound.

Hugmonster Sound is a collective of sound designers and composers headed by

Adam Frick in St Louis, MO. We offer sound design, sweetening, and original music

for visual media with fast turnarounds at a reasonable price.


From websites, apps, and presentations; to spots, TV, and feature film; we love a great story. But stock music and bad sound can distract your audience, and make your carefully crafted story feel cheap. Just a few hours of love and attention from Hugmonster Sound, and you’ll love the way you sound.


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